Monthly Archives: May 2012

Work with Girls

For years I’ve been developing workshop ideas and resources and collecting others work along the way. And now,finally feel like I might get an opportunity to try some of it out.

I’d like to use this space to showcase some of that stuff and to write about my experiences as I find them.

I’ve now got my first booking with a group of Girl Guides who want to do some work around Body Awareness – the topic is broad and a bit vague and I’m still working on the programme but I’m very excited about it. I spent a whole day last week working on a piece using images of unusual ‘fashion’ practices like ‘foot binding‘, ‘neck rings‘, ‘cosmetic surgery‘ and ‘vajazzling‘.

The idea is that I’ll use images of these practices to highlight the impact of others ideals on how women view themselves. You can view the document HERE.

Look out for more posts in the next few weeks.